[10:53:01 PM] Curekun: MY VOLUME WAS TOO LOUD
[10:53:48 PM] Leochan: OH
[10:53:52 PM] Leochan: THE YAOI SOUND MAKER
[10:54:04 PM] A-chan: XDDD
[10:55:33 PM] Curekun: YES
[10:55:35 PM] Curekun: jesus christ
[10:55:39 PM] Curekun: .. I want one
[10:55:56 PM] A-chan: ngl me too
[10:59:01 PM] Kamiyan: LMAO

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Coming soon….

Episode 11 (date unknown)

Scanlations project (date unknown)

A new layout (come episode 11)

Please send us Asks about what you want for the CureCast, questions about Pretty Cure, questions about us, etc.


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[4/1/2014 11: 54:05 PM] Kamiyan: and say that my drawings are amazing
[4/1/2014 11: 54:06 PM] Curekun: ^
[4/1/2014 11: 54:26 PM] Kamiyan: and say that they are refridgoraor material
[4/1/2014 11: 54:32 PM] Curekun: oh
[4/1/2014 11: 54:36 PM] Curekun: oh my god
[4/1/2014 11: 54:47 PM] Kamiyan: and say shit like
[4/1/2014 11: 54:52 PM] Kamiyan: "you're like a regular picasso"
[4/1/2014 11: 54:56 PM] Leochan: Refridgerator you mean?
[4/1/2014 11: 54:57 PM] Curekun: "refridgoraor"
[4/1/2014 11: 55:01 PM] Kamiyan: SHUT. UP.
[4/1/2014 11: 55:01 PM] Curekun: omg
[4/1/2014 11: 55:12 PM] Curekun: Is it a zord?
[4/1/2014 11: 55:14 PM] Leochan: LOL
[4/1/2014 11: 55:38 PM] Curekun: Refrid! Go Raor!
[4/1/2014 11: 55:47 PM] Ivanhobe: lol
[4/1/2014 11: 55:56 PM] A-chan: LOL
[4/1/2014 11: 56:11 PM] A-chan: Though if Jamie was piloting it...
[4/1/2014 11: 56:17 PM] Ivanhobe: i was at the phone and started laughing wile reading that
[4/1/2014 11: 56:34 PM] Leochan: XDDDDD
[4/1/2014 11: 56:44 PM] Kamiyan: GODDDAMMIT
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"After becoming a Precure with you, I feel so happy again! That’s why I’m thanking you! You know, I’m just so happy!"

"Me too! I’m really happy to be a Precure with you, too!"

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Smile Charge | Cure Sunny
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私たちを思い出して… by AIM-120C AMRAAM


私たちを思い出して… by AIM-120C AMRAAM

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[9:14:00 PM] Ivanhobe: huh…there was an earthquake here like….25 minutes ago
[9:14:08 PM] maya: omfg
[9:14:34 PM] Ivanhobe: i didn´t notice, too busy with your damn tumblr
[9:14:35 PM] Mignon: must’ve been a tiny one if you mention it after 25 mins
[9:14:45 PM] Mignon: just mention it*
[9:14:54 PM] Ivanhobe: my father just told me, it was 5.4 degrees
[9:15:07 PM] Mignon: Not now earthquake, it’s Tumblr time
[9:16:07 PM] Ivanhobe: Forces of nature be damned, i have to post random things on the internetz!!!

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Meet the Cast:

  • Double as The Host
  • Pename Solen as The Person of Interest
  • Ash as The Hammer
  • Housyasei The Socially Adjusted One
  • Rosetta as The Rolling Stone
  • Mesias as The Most Fashionable

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the CureCast, the only place on the internet where Precure is still relevant. Normally, we would apologize for our lack of releases recently, but here at the CureCast HQ, we have decided to enforce a full on “Tsundere” policy. So we won´t apologize because, when you think about it, this is all your fault. Besides, it’s not like we are doing this for you or anything.

I would like to thank the folks at CureCom for sacrificing their free time helping us not kill each other in the process of producing this podcast, even causing delays in their DokiDoki releases (people will believe that, right?).

In this episode, our Justice League International rip-off discusses episodes 27-28 of DDPC. No, this is not a belated review, for you see, our team actually time traveled for this review, so in a way they are ahead of their time. Or were. Or will be. Stop thinking about it and enjoy, ok?

If you liked or enjoyed the podcast, please follow us here on tumblr or on any of these other links!

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Subscribe to us on iTunes clicking the CureCom link and following the instructions, by the RSS feed or if you can’t subscribe that way, you can download the podcast from this link. With each podcast, we make RARs of the podcast, which is split into several sections and sorted into its own album. Plop that into any media player of your choosing, and you can skip around from there.

Reminder: We have a segment called A Message in the Wind. This is a segment for all you fans out there who have topics you’d like to hear us talk about, maybe questions you’d like answered, opinions we have on a certain aspect of the series or anything Pretty Cure or Cure Cast related. So, bring on the questions in our ask box or just email us at TheCureCast@gmail.com ! We’ll be happy to answer everything we possibly can. :D

Thank you so much for your future support and we look forward to filling your day with all the Pretty Cure your hearts can handle!

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“No matter where we all are, we’ll always, always, always be friends!”

this part of the movie is so awkward

like everyone feels so terrible that their mascots are gone and they’re crying and miserable 

and then they all come back and it’s a tearful happy reunion

except for yuri

who just stands there smiling and probably thinking about cologne and how he’s never ever coming back

like no one even considers this

being yuri is suffering


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The Pretty Cure Podcast!
Welcome to the Pretty Cure Podcast! Where our voices are the Cure and the Cure is Pretty! :)

Please, feel free to join our international group of (politically correct) pod casters as we talk about the plots, characters and random topics of the Pretty Cure franchise. And maybe even relevant stuff too!!!

We have a brand new episode once every month. Twice if we're feeling generous so keep an eye out for us! ;D